Window Cleaning

Long lasting shine

  Washing windows is a great way to make them look clean but cleaning a window is the best way to keep it crystal clear. What is the difference? Long Lasting shine. There are a lot of chemicals out there that will give your windows an instant shine, but it takes the proper tools and techniques to keep them clean and clear for that longer lasting crystal clear finish.

Mirror Cleaning

  If it is made of glass, we can clean it. A very popular addition to washing windows, is mirror cleaning. In every bathroom and throughout your home, all your mirrors will reflect with 100% clarity. In addition we will clean glass table tops, glass walls, chandeliers, etc. 

What is included with this service?

 After we are done making your windows sparkle. We then clean the screens, frames, and wipe down all window sills along with anything else that needs to be taken care, like spider webs, etc

 As an add on, we will also clean all your door and window tracks, to keep everything functioning properly.