TurnOver Inspections

  Before you check into any 5 star resort, a maintenance technician (or Handyman) will do a top to bottom inspection of your unit to correct any problems or defects that may have developed, or ones that might develop during your stay. 


   We want to give our customers that same experience when it comes their properties. With our TurnOver Inspections, we look over your property top to bottom, inside and out. This includes the functionality of what can be touched as well everything that can be seen. 

    With our wall to wall inspections we look over all doors, hardware of all kinds, surface plumbing and fixtures, drawers, closet doors, appliances*, etc. Essentially everything except foundation/structural stability, and HVAC inspections. 

   We like to think of this as the "light" inspection of the more intimating "full" home inspection. We provide this service for the homeowner who needs a yearly light inspection, or for the busy landlords in between tenants.

   One very unique quality to our TurnOver Inspections is that we focus on the visual quality of your home or property as well. If their are any visual defects we will record them. Like holes in drywall, marked up walls, cracks in tile, scuffs in wood work, etc. 

   We will also include our honest opinion on wether we believe the defects are caused from normal wear and tear, or from abnormal wear and tear.